Abu Dhabi Airport Launches “Fann at AUH” Initiative

04 Oct 2017 , Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
As part of its ‘Abu Dhabi DNA’ initiative aimed at introducing Emirati culture and heritage to passengers, Abu Dhabi Airports has launched its “Fann at AUH” program at the capital’s airport. The new initiative, which means “art in Abu Dhabi” in English, includes several local art projects that will cover various locations around the airport, in an endeavor to reflect the UAE’s identity and spirit through innovative and unconventional artwork.

As well as strengthening Abu Dhabi’s identity at the airport, Fann at AUH is designed to revive the art culture within the city using its gateway as a starting point, by fostering further engagement amongst the local art community.

Chosen local and international artists are working closely with Abu Dhabi Airports to ensure that all art murals reflect the culture and heritage of the UAE in a modern direction and futuristic approach. Artists will reflect the objectives of this program using different art techniques, including 3D and 2D art, calligraphy and installations, covering different locations in Terminals 1 and 3, indoor and outdoor. Three of the artists currently finalizing their pieces at Abu Dhabi International Airport are Emirati Artist Rashid Al Mulla, and regional Artists Dinaa Saadi and Sanatjon Illiusinov.

Acting Chief Executive Officer, Abdul Majeed Al Khoori said: “Several initiatives were designed to support “Abu Dhabi DNA” program to strengthen Abu Dhabi’s presence within its gateway. The program’s core objective is to introduce travelers to the city and get them to experience its vibe and essence before setting foot in it, giving AUH its unique identity amongst other international airports. We are very proud with the new ‘Fann at AUH’ initiative and the engagement it is creating between Abu Dhabi Airports and the art community within the emirate, as this further embeds what Abu Dhabi stands for; a unified, modern yet authentic and unique destination. We hope our passengers will enjoy what is being created and we look forward to welcoming more visitors to our amazing Abu Dhabi.”
The first mural is currently being painted all artworks are due to be finished over the course of the next six months.