Frequently Asked Questions

In this page please find frequently asked questions and answers to the most common questions relating to doing business with Abu Dhabi Airports Free Zone. We recommend browsing the FAQs for answers to common questions. If you are unable to find the answers you need, we will be happy to respond to any queries promptly, either

    • What is a free zone?

    • What is VAT?

    • Is VAT applicable at ADAFZ?

    • What are the benefits of a UAE visa?

    • Where is the ADAFZ HQ located?

    • How do I open a bank account for my new business?

    • Do banks in the UAE allow companies or individuals to open bank accounts in US Dollars?

    • Can I transfer my money outside the country freely?

    • Are there any restrictions on which bank my company uses in the UAE?

    • What industries does ADAFZ target?

    • What are the benefits that I will get from registration at ADAFZ?