Abu Dhabi Airport Business City Marks its Inauguration with New Infrastructure Facilities

  • New facilities to enable businesses better establish their footprint in the Capital
2013-11-17 Abu Dhabi Airport Business City Marks its Inauguration with New Infrastructure Facilities
Click on the image to watch a short video of the groundbreaking of the new Commercial Building.

17 Nov 2013 , Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
As part of its efforts to support Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 and the diversification of the economy, Abu Dhabi Airports today initiated the construction of its new flagship Building to be part of its newly branded initiative ‘Abu Dhabi Airport Business City’.

This step marks Abu Dhabi Airports’ commitment to move ahead in its projects and establish an “Aerotropolis” around Abu Dhabi International Airport. Tony Douglas, CEO, Abu Dhabi Airports, and Mohammed Al Bulooki, Chief Commercial Officer were on-hand for the official groundbreaking ceremony.  Construction on the building located opposite Terminal 3 will be completed in Q1 2015.

The newly launched Abu Dhabi Airport Business City is currently operating 3 main facilities and services: the Logistics Park, the business Center and the Business Park, of which this new flagship building is the key component. Each one of these concepts plays a direct role in developing the future “Aerotropolis” at Abu Dhabi International Airport, whereby businesses can set up smoothly, within a functional and entertaining environment that will include residential, recreational, retail, and life style districts. Businesses will be able to start up with limited requirements and operate immediately through the serviced facilities available. Such facilities include fully serviced offices, high quality warehouses and fully fledged customer service center.

Tony Douglas, Abu Dhabi Airports’ CEO, commented: “Abu Dhabi Airports’ goal is to support the drive in making Abu Dhabi an international hub for logistics, through capitalizing on its economic strength and strategic location, combined with offering a unique product that is efficient, convenient and cost competitive. Abu Dhabi Airport Business City’s flagship Building will enable global businesses interested in capturing the potential of the Abu Dhabi marketplace to establish themselves at the gateway to the Capital, creating access to new partnerships, and unparalleled global connectivity.”

“We would like to thank local authorities, including Customs, for their guidance and support during the development of this innovative Business City” concluded Tony.

Abu Dhabi Airports Business City has already received letters of intent from international businesses to populate 23% of the new flagship building within the Business Park, which is yet to be built.

So far, 57 business licenses have been issued by Abu Dhabi Airports’ Business City, and all tenants of the Business Park, Business Centre, and Logistics Park will be provided with a full spectrum of integration services including company registration, licensing, leasing and rapid visa processing for employees in a “One-Stop-Shop” environment.  They also will be able to enjoy duty and tax exemptions, foreign ownership, and repatriation of capital and profits.

As this initiative moves forward in its ambitious plans, Abu Dhabi Airport Business City has already attracted major names in the international freight forwarding and manufacturing scenery. A new tenant in the Logistics Park, Thistlethwaite Mark, CEO AgustaWestland, said: “Being located in the Abu Dhabi Airport Business City enables AgustaWestland Aviation Services easy access to both its UAE and other GCC customers and the wider Middle East region. Speed of response is important to our customers and it is essential for AgustaWestland Aviation Services that we can re-supply our logistics centre quickly from Europe. Abu Dhabi Airport Business City’ team is equally committed to providing a high standard of customer service.”

Abu Dhabi Airport Business City’s Logistics Park, which spreads over a total area of 114,000 SQM, is more than 85% occupied offering value added services specific to logistics, storage, freight and light industrial sectors.

Ali Al Ansari, General Manager, CEVA Logistics, another key tenant of the Logistics park, added: “The Emirate of Abu Dhabi has a great value to offer to all MNC, and not only CEVA, and through its vision 2030, it has created, and will continue to create, many significant opportunities for us. I am confident that Abu Dhabi will become one of the best commercial and industrial cities in the world. With new Abu Dhabi airport project, which will be ready by 2017, and the massive tonnage capacity 25 million tons of cargo for the inbound and outbound, for sure Abu Dhabi International Airport will play very important role in the international market and will be for sure a hub connecting the world.”

Tayssir Awada, Managing Director, FedEx Express, commented further: “In today’s dynamic business environment, speed-to-market and reliable service are the two key factors that help our customers maintain a competitive edge. Our expansion in the UAE capital further strengthens our position in addressing this need. The new facility in Abu Dhabi Airport Business City will also help us support the UAE Government’s vision to develop infrastructure for a diversified and sustainable economy”.

The Business Centre, opened in 2013, is providing fully furnished and serviced executive offices in a facility that is designed with the flexibility to accommodate individual and corporate clients.   The facility comprises of 10 dedicated executive offices and 42 dedicated desks with executive meeting rooms and a VIP lounge, and provides full secretarial support and other business services and amenities, including photocopying, faxing, telephone answering service, in a fully IT networked environment.

The facility is currently at 79% occupancy with businesses from Europe, the United States of America, Japan and India already making the Business Centre their base in the UAE. 

David Bickerton, Director Middle East, Airclaims, a tenant of the Business Center, said: “The Emirate of Abu Dhabi, in Airclaims’ opinion, is expanding in a very progressive and sustainable way; this is attractive for long term development and the promotion of business. Importantly, we also believe it has plenty of room for growth, as the infrastructure is being managed at the correct pace to attract long term investment and opportunities. It is also one of the best environments to live in, with high levels of safety and security, and the superb connections available to throughout the world.”

“Abu Dhabi Airports continues to be an exciting development, which has a very strong goal to capture a huge percentage of the airline and cargo business in this region. Airports provide the main access points into and out of a country, and when this is done well, people come, not only to transit, but to visit, and reside there as well. Abu Dhabi has recognized the importance of this, and it encourages companies such as ours, to invest and develop aviation. The approach of Abu Dhabi Airports is forward thinking and very attractive to a company’s business model such as ours” added Bickerton.

Abu Dhabi Airport Business City was formerly known as Skycity.