Our Partners

Abu Dhabi Airports Free Zone works with a select community of high quality and experienced partners to guide you through the challenges of starting up and help your business thrive

Abu Dhabi Airports Free Zone has a select community of partners to help your business thrive

  1. Customs

    Abu Dhabi Airports Free Zone works closely with Abu Dhabi’s Customs Authorities, to enable rapid clearance of all client goods coming through the airport. Speed of movement of goods is vital for a successful business.

  2. Department of Economic Development

    Abu Dhabi’s Department of Economic Development’s mission is to deliver a balanced, diversified and sustainable knowledge-based economy that enhances the competitiveness of Abu Dhabi in the global economy and ensures the prosperity for its people. As a partner of Abu Dhabi Business City, it is fulfilling this objective by helping new businesses become established in Abu Dhabi and play their part in economic growth.

  3. Chamber of Commerce

    Abu Dhabi’s Chamber of Commerce seeks to connect private sector businesses and expand opportunities in order to enhance Abu Dhabi's sustainable economic development. As a supporter of private enterprise, it is a natural partner for Abu Dhabi Airports Free Zone.

  4. General Directorate of Residence and Foreigners’ Affairs

    Abu Dhabi Airports Free Zone collaborates with the DNRD, which is responsible for ensuring all foreign employees are properly registered, so they can enjoy the benefits of residency with ease and security.

  5. Other Partners

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Please contact our sales team to assist you with prices and requirements at the below contact details or visit us at the Business Park#01, Abu Dhabi Airports

P.O. Box 7040
Tel: +971 2 505 5900
Toll-free:  800 1111

Exceptional Partnership

Collaboration across Abu Dhabi to deliver the best service for our customers. Our partners help us meet all our customers’ needs.